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5 years old Yongguk.

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THANK YOO~! >///<

On a scale of 1-10 how done are you with your bias and why?






What were you into before kpop? I mostly listened to Underground music,K-HipHop ,K-Indie, R&B, Soul, Pop

Favorite concert experience?


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{140723} NU’EST’s Japen Twitter Update


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Can we just…2011
[from Secret - Starlight Moonlight]

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 ....hi... nope, bye.
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the tragic fall of junhong | 2/99 gifs of B.A.P
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Screenshot youe background and lockscreen!
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adorable\sexy  B.A.P maknae line (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

#stop using women as literal puppets/accessories in kpop vids 2k14
Question Game

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  1. you’re thrown into the same class as your bias group and it’s your worst subject: what subject is it and who would you ask to help you in said subject? English ahaaha and I’d ask Yongguk causes he’s so deep and proufond and could help me with analysis ouo.
  2. you’re a trainee: which entertainment company would you be in and considering all the controversies or lawsuits that company may have, what are the pros and cons of that company? Oh lawd ahaha uhhh I’d be in FNC because rock ,music is my heart and soul <3. Pro is I could hang out with fellow rock loves and a con would be i might not actually be in a rock group (coughs at aoa )
  3. be good to yourself: say five things you admire about yourself and two things you think you need to improve in.
    oh this again ahahaha okay 5 things are im funny, caring, outgoing, surround myself with people who truly care ahahaa and im just a boss ass bitch. Two things i need to improve on are responsibility and klutziness .
  4. if there was a food based on your personality, what would it be like? 
    zesty, definitely a carb and cheesy ouo
  5. you have your background story on how you got your super powers, now tell me your ideal superhero costume. (unless I didn’t tag you in that question, then also tell me how you got your super powers!) wow big question. I used to write short stories i can do thisssss, So I was sleeping peacefully when in the middle of the night something bit me ( i get bug bites so often fml) and in the morning i see its itchy and inflamed like normal, but all day i feel lightheaded and i become worried that the bug bite was poisonous or something. I concentrated on the sky and felt my feet hovering. Shocked I keep concentration and find myself flying and BAM superhero is created.  I call myself Cloud 9 and my costume is a light blue cami with a light blue mini skirt with clouds on it I also get darker blue gloves, converse and eye mask.
  6. "so the weather looks good today." - tell me your favorite kind of weather and what do you like to do in said ideal weather
    Sunny spring day with birds chirping and flowers blooming, I’d like to take a walk in a really flowery area with friends~
  7. you found out your bias knows about your blog, how do you think she/he would react? ( I fear this) He’d be like…why is she yelling at me all the time, what the hell did I do her? She’es an insane fangirl and will kill me must make a restraining order. 
  8. you can remake any movie/series you want: what movie/series would it be and who would be your star cast? NCIS Staring B.A.P ohhoh this will be fun. Gibbs- Yongguk, Magee- Jongup, Dinozo- Daehyun, Ducky- Himchan, Abby- Zelo, Kate- Youngjae. 
  9. if you could trade bodies with any tumblr user that you follow, who would it be and why? vipkissmelover cause I wanna see how similar our lives really are LOL
  10. you wake up to find out that you’re in a video game and you can either beat it to get out or live there the rest of your life. problem is, you only have one life: do you think you’d survive? ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT SAO OMG   and honestly I dont think so ahaha I’d just chill in the video game 5ever ( sorry kirito cant help you)

here’s something simple: talk about the person who tagged you in this. puwahah! OMG FINALLY SOMETHING SIMPLE BLESS
I made the mistake of doing this at 2:30 in da morning LOL my brain is half off rn BUT OMG I LOVEYOUR BLOG AND THEME ITS SO PERF AND SO ARE YOU BABY <3


  1. On a scale of 1-10 how done are you with your bias and why?
  2. What were you into before kpop?
  3. Favorite concert experience?
  4. Do your bias have daaa bootttyyyyy ( pics needed)?
  5. What would you do first if you woke up as the opposite gender?
  6. Person you’d change your sexuality for?
  7. your OTPS (gifs/ pics would be nice ouo)? 
  8. Last meal you had? What was it?
  9. Title of the last song you listened to with up by butt added at the end.
  10. Favorite nugu ( unknown) group? (not to bash anyone, just some groups are more well known than others)
  11. When is it the best time to wear a striped sweater?

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OIMMMMGGG I JUST REALIZEDD THE REASON WHY I SCREENSHOTTED MY SCREEN WAS CAUSE 10:04 LOLOLOLOLL it was right when i woke up but I did not give a eff and belted chunsa ouo


oh my god im laughing harder than i should right now

wait i screenshotted a tumblr post about 10:04 omg let me go find it

LOL i just realized i screenshotted your reblog of it lmao


Screenshot your lockscrean and background!
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Lockscreen: My ultimate life ruiner Jung Daeslutpants

Background: The squishy counterpart Yoo Youngjae <333
(put it together and you get daejae huehuehuehueee ouo)


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  1. Who let the dogs out? what even is this question? I did Gurl ok(?)?????
  2. Favorite Idol and why? Kwon Jiyong Aka G-dragon in other words my ultimate. Because of his dedication to his music and his leadership towards his…

all i gots to say is…..meals with me will be a fun time LOL
lets just say i suck at eating